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Stick-on labels as permanent identification of interchangeable parts


Stick-on labels as permanent identification of interchangeable parts


Our range of available materials is very broad, so that we can offer solutions to even the most difficult identification issues with standard labels that are available from stock;
heat-resistant, temperature-indicating, chemical-resistant, tamper-proof, removable, extremely adhesive, antistatic, low-temperature resistant, oil and UV-resistant labels, etc.
Permanent adhesives in combination with resistant printing ensure that these durable, adhesive solutions can be used for the most industrial applications.

Many parts in an installation are 'moving'. This means that they are not repaired on site when they are defective, but that the piece is dismantled and a replacement component is fitted. The defective component then goes to the workshop where an overhaul will take place.
In such processes, it is very important that each piece has a resistant label. This label provides the basis for a traceability that is very important when we want to check the availability of certain parts. This tracing is also important when we want to gain insight into the history of repairs and overhauls at a later date.
Bad marking leads directly to bad tracing, which can cause various problems, such as the unavailability of parts at crucial moments. This in turn can lead to down-time of the entire installation and the associated high costs.

The Print & Protect label is ideally suited to such applications requiring engraving plate-worthy labels. The label is stuck directly onto the component, but you can also choose to stick it onto a metal plate that can be hung separately from the equipment. In this way, we turn this sticky label into a hanging marking, which is usually used for marking valves.

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