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Start2SmartMaintenance [NL]

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Start2SmartMaintenance [NL]

Wim Vancauwenberghe, BEMAS

Friday 02 February 2024
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In this presentation, Wim Vancauwenberghe, director of BEMAS, explores the world of Smart Maintenance. Smart Maintenance is increasingly a crucial component in modern industry where advanced technologies are used to make maintenance more efficient, reliable and sustainable. Wim starts with an introduction to what exactly Smart Maintenance is and how recent technological developments have made this approach possible. He then discusses some of the key building blocks of Smart Maintenance, including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance, Digital Twins, Robotics, and Generative AI. Finally, he also elaborates on the benefits of Smart Maintenance, such as improved reliability and efficiency, cost savings, life extension, and added value for sustainability. During the presentation, you will get some fundamental insights that will help you better understand what Smart Maintenance is all about and how it can also be applied in your maintenance organisation.

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