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AugmentX redefines ergonomics [EN]

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AugmentX redefines ergonomics [EN]

Tom Turcksin

jeudi 01 février 2024
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- Session in English -

At Flanders Make AugmentX we propose a vast range of services that focus on human centred problems encountered in the industry. We believe that humans are the most valuable asset and are key to make compagnies successful.

Unfortunately, people do fall out because they do not always receive the right tools to support them physically. We provide the necessary services to help you determine which tool can help and to what degree it can help.

Our holistic ergonomic assessment capabilities are unique and several years beyond the state of the art shedding light for the first time on the physical load that laborious tasks entails.

In addition AugmentX disposes of a vast collection of exoskeletons and collaborative robots that are available for rent or can be used for technology demonstrators and workshops.

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