Call us 2022 combines trade fair experience and knowledge transfer – register for free (and before the others) for the 12 Expert Classes
All eyes will be on the period from 18 to 20 May, because for the first time in three years, the Benelux industry will come together again at the top event for automation and Industry 4.0, which will be held at Kortrijk Xpo. But if all eyes are focused on the same goal, it is also imperative that everyone is on the same page!

Insights from your teammates from various departments of your company must be supported by a common consensus, which can be achieved by attending the 12 Expert Classes for which you can register free of charge – and preferably in good time, as seats are limited to 120 per class. We therefore recommend that you book your seat without any further delay. After each session, you will be able to submit any further questions you may have to the speakers in the Connectivator Bar.
We would like to highlight some of the Expert Classes below, but you can find a full list here. You can also directly book a seat at one or more of these sessions.

How do you build a factory, a warehouse or a production line of the future?
Regardless of supply chain disruptions, the war in Ukraine and ports that are either closed or on hold, the old business model (including warehousing, distribution, last mile delivery and logistics) is about to fall apart. Paul Van Nuffel from LOG!VILLE will take us on a journey to discover how the sector is now reinventing itself from a technological point of view, under the pressure of labour shortages for challenging and repetitive tasks, as well as new strictly regulated working conditions, by means of IoT, 5G, robotisation, drones, etc. But he will also touch a sore spot: "Many things are possible, but automation and innovation must create value in the long run and be sustainable."

Willy Raemdonck's Expert Class will show you how Barry Callebaut designed a state-of-the-art logistics distribution centre from scratch. This impressive distribution centre, which is called the 'Chocolate Box', is the result of a long-term vision, careful consideration of technology issues and a desire for long-term sustainability.
How does Niko bridge the gap between human operators and complex machines and systems?
The implementation of digitalisation, AI and cyber-physical systems is a challenge that many manufacturing companies are struggling with. All the steps towards lean, agile and smart manufacturing must not only be underpinned by relevant KPIs, but must also focus on how operators can adapt to this technology without too much extra stress, reluctance or excessive training costs. Maarten Janssens from Niko will explain how his company combines smart deployment with sustainable employment in a fierce war for talent.

How do 6 Belgian factories digitalise their production end-to-end?

Dirk Torfs is probably the best person to explain how 6 industrial players are currently digitalising and automating their production process end-to-end. He will go into detail about the challenges, the achievements and the implementation process of companies such as Picanol, Crops, Vandewiele, CNH and Atlas Copco, which have managed to reach an outstanding technological level. He will also elaborate on how other market players can make use of accelerators. So this will definitely be a must-attend class for every team that will be visiting the trade fair looking for inspiration for their next digital move.

These Expert Classes, along with how to introduce useful AI models, secure IoT monitoring, integrate 5G into manufacturing and robotics, and much more, will be part of all the things you will be able to discover during your visit to 2022.

You and your team will be able to meet 240 technology providers and learn from the best during the 12 Expert Classes

Book your seat for the Expert Classes of your choice and your visit to the 2022 trade fair here via this calendar. This all-in-one experience, which by the way is completely free of charge, will undoubtedly be of immense value for boosting the competitiveness of your organisation. We really look forward to welcoming you during the Expert Classes in Hall 4 and in the Connectivator Bar.

Do you have a question for the organisation about the trade fair, the events or your visit? Ask it here!

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